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Robyn Ireland is a Champion of Change! If you have ever struggled with implementing the change you crave, YOU are in the right place!

I know you have questions and concerns about whether or not I am the right person for you. And it could just be possible that I am not; but click on a couple of videos, check out my free tools, read my reviews and blog posts to get to know me a little first. 

Go ahead poke around and let me know if you have any questions!


Courage to Change

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Jill H.

I had a tremendous experience with Robyn. I was in a COVID rut and needed encouragement and direction both personally and professionally. Meeting with Robyn was like meeting with a dear friend but one that could help you reach your goals and keep you accountable without judgement. I have had many professional development opportunities in my career but the time I spent with Robyn was by far the best experience and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Kimberly H.

Robyn was very personable and helped me immensely! She was very good at listening and she helped me pinpoint what I valued in the workplace. She led me to a new career path and gave me the confidence to pursue it. I would recommend Robyn to anyone uncertain of their future.

Mike P.

I started utilizing Robyn as a Career Coach to help me get back on track, but really she's more of a Life Coach. Robyn is extremely personable and caring and really helps to get to the root of where you are and why you may feel "stuck" as opposed to just pushing you into the "what's next" phase. A valuable person to meet at just the right time and I'm glad I made the commitment to work with Robyn!


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More About The Woman Behind the Couch

Robyn Ireland is a Certified Professional Life and Career Coach, public speaker and writer. She has her B.Sc. (Psychology) from the University of Wollongong, Australia, and a Diploma in Workplace Training and Assessment Systems. Robyn is an active member of International Coaching Federation Chapter of Michigan. She continues to serve as the North American Coordinator for the Southern Cross Group, an organization that Robyn led through spearheading Australian Citizenship Act Reform. Robyn has been featured in the BBC, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Medium Magazine, Authority, Entrepreneur Magazine and Buzzfeed.

 Whether it is a life or career change; planned or unexpected change Robyn is passionate advocate for navigating change with grace, dignity and a sense of humor.


and adventures of Robyn 

Mike H.

Robyn helped me find myself after a painful breakup. She has a calming influence and gives me the confidence I need to navigate life. Without Robyn, I'm not sure where I would be.

Sue W.

Robyn was amazing. Her ability to ask the right questions really helped me see things about myself that I hadn't realized before. So helpful for someone seeking their next opportunity.

Sandra S.

I am so grateful to have discovered Robyn. She is kind and supportive and asks very insightful questions that help me understand more fully the obstacles and blocks I am working to overcome. She is my Wednesday lifeline.