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Robyn Ireland is a Certified Professional Life and Career Coach, public speaker and writer. She has her B.Sc. (Psychology) from the University of Wollongong, Australia, and a Diploma in Workplace Training and Assessment Systems. Robyn is an active member of International Coaching Federation Chapter of Michigan. She continues to serve as the North American Coordinator for the Southern Cross Group, an organization that Robyn led through spearheading Australian Citizenship Act Reform. Robyn has been featured in the BBC, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Medium Magazine, Authority, Entrepreneur Magazine and Buzzfeed.


Robyn has also been an advocate for those questioning the gender or sexual orientation and provided support to families and young people for the last six years. And the proud Mum of some spectacular kiddos that are all on their paths and are quite happy to not have to subscribe to what society pressure. Raising happy, healthy, and loved humans is Robyn’s proudest achievement. And is a passionate Coach for those families who seek support when they are too are faced with the news that a loved one wishes to step out of the conventional roles and gender assignments.

In January 2020, Robyn launched Robyn’s Couch, get on mine to get off yours; to help others that are feeling stuck in one spot but yearn for change. Whether those elements are around life, career or relationships.

“My passion as a coach, is to help you find clarity, direction and purpose that brings you joy. I am proud to empower clients as they make decisions that are both large and small to create a life of deeper meaning and higher levels of satisfaction. Life is too short to stay stuck at home worried or in fear.”

Mike H.

Robyn helped me find myself after a painful breakup. She has a calming influence and gives me the confidence I need to navigate life. Without Robyn, I'm not sure where I would be.

Sue W.

Robyn was amazing. Her ability to ask the right questions really helped me see things about myself that I hadn't realized before. So helpful for someone seeking their next opportunity.

Sandra S.

I am so grateful to have discovered Robyn. She is kind and supportive and asks very insightful questions that help me understand more fully the obstacles and blocks I am working to overcome. She is my Wednesday lifeline.