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Though the name may have changed, Robyn's passion for creating meaningful change and her commitment to integrity has resulted in the best media outlets asking for her input.


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Whether you need a advice of Life or Career from an Internationally Certified Professional Coach, or to discuss the joys of being a positive champion of change or the bumps and bruises along the way; please let us know we would love to connect!

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Robyn Ireland is a Certified Professional Life and Career Coach, public speaker and writer. She has her B.Sc. (Psychology) from the University of Wollongong, Australia, and a Diploma in Workplace Training and Assessment Systems. Robyn is an active member of International Coaching Federation Chapter of Michigan. She continues to serve as the North American Coordinator for the Southern Cross Group, an organization that Robyn led through spearheading Australian Citizenship Act Reform. Robyn has been featured in the BBC, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Medium Magazine, Authority, Entrepreneur Magazine and Buzzfeed.

 Whether it is a life or career change; planned or unexpected change Robyn is passionate advocate for navigating change with grace, dignity and a sense of humor. For more information visit

Robyn Ireland is former Officer in the Royal Australian Navy, advocate for the Australian Diaspora and now engaged as a Professional Life and Career Coach, speaker and writer. Robyn has over a decade of Coaching experience and is passionate empowering clients to navigate change with grace, dignity and a sense of humor. For more information visit

Living Proof of the American Dream

"Just like me America, is always a work in progress. The tenacity and fighting spirit of the American people is strong. We recognize the discomfort of where we are and have the knowledge and belief that we can and will make an amazing change in how we treat one another." 

April 13, 2021

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How To Find Strength Through Pain

'She was “not defined by any singular event in my life.” While it may feel as though a moment will impact you forever, it is how you view the future and move forward from it that defines you. She added, “you are powerful, and loving yourself gets easier in time.”

August 26, 2020

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