Robyn's Story So Far....

Robyn Ireland is a certified Life and Career Coach, public speaker and writer. She has a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) from the University of Wollongong, a Diploma in Training and Assessment Systems from the Australian School of Commerce and Management, and Biomedical Ethics at Grand Valley Sate University, Michigan. An ICF accredited Coach with active Membership in ICF of Michigan. Served as an Ambassador for the West Coast Chamber of Commerce for over seven years. She continues to serve as the North American Coordinator for the Southern Cross Group, an organization that Robyn led through spearheading Australian Citizenship Act Reform to allow Australian Citizens to hold Dual Citizenship; and allow those who had lost their Citizenship a course to reconnect their heritage. Robyn has been featured in the BBC, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Medium Magazine, Authority, and Buzzfeed. 


From 1992-1996 Robyn fought for change for women in the Australian Defense Forces. After being refused medical treatment after a violent sexual assault, Robyn had legislation put into place to ensure that no woman could legally face such a situation in the ADF again. Although, culturally the ADF like most Western military organizations continues to struggle on the issue.


Robyn was injured in motor vehicle accident in 2000 which left her with Cervical Dystonia. She moved to America to marry the man that she had met on a Dystonia Bulletin Board. After the birth of their first child he wanted to improve himself and underwent Deep Brain Stimulation surgery. There were complications and the surgery left him with some mood and behavior challenges. To protect the two girls that they shared, Robyn made the heavy decision to divorce; but bravely remained in America (distant from family and friends) to allow the girls to have relationships with both of their parents. Robyn has since remarried to Doug and is the proud mother of 4 amazing people. 


Today, Robyn is passionate about creating safe space for her clients to fully understand their options, develop strategies that are in alignment with their personal values and vision for themselves and their families. Throughout her life, Robyn has been deeply impacted by her mentors and advocates but loves the tools, skills and mindset that she is able to empower her clients to live their own best lives.

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