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Coaching à la Carte!

You want to work with a Coach but you do not want to commit to a time period or number of sessions. 

What you'll get:

  • Access to your own scheduling calendar where you can schedule or reschedule as frequently as you like;
  • Coaching Call Preparation Sheet to help you structure and maximize your time with your Coach
  • Pay for the number of sessions and the frequency that you want, need and will fit your budget.
  • Accountability to stick to the plan
  • Build greater clarity and understanding of the problems that you are currently facing.
  • Develop a strategy tailored to your specific needs 
  • Improve your personal understanding of the challenges and opportunities in your life
  • Create tailor made success strategies that take a whole life perspective.

Once you have completed this form, you will automatically receive an email that will allow you to download the Coaching Agreement that you may either email to [email protected] or fax if you are old school. If you have any questions or concerns please ask before retuning the Coaching Agreement.  

You will also receive the link to access Robyn's Calendar, when you book your session you will be required to make your payment for that one session. You may book as many sessions as you would like, book one, one a week, one a month. It is usually most beneficial to schedule sessions weekly for the first month as we have a steep learning curve in getting to know each other. However, I respect that everyone is busy and might need some flexibility.

Please note, the coaching agreement MUST be received completed and returned to Robyn's Couch prior to your first session. For legal purposes Coaching can not occur without a signed Coaching Agreement.

[ By working with Robyn Ireland as your Coach you are agreeing to receive communications from her. ]

What People Are Saying:

“Robyn has a very engaging & comforting demeanor that immediately draws you in & feel like you’re talking to a friend! I would definitely recommend her if you are thinking about getting down to the “whys” and moving past what’s stopping you from living your dreams!”

Hannah O.

“Very helpful, and so kind! Would highly recommend!”

Elizabeth M

“Robyn was amazing. Her ability to ask the right questions really helped me see things about myself that I hadn't realized before. So helpful for someone seeking their next opportunity. ”

Sue W.

“Robyn was very personable and helped me immensely! She was very good at listening and she helped me pinpoint what I valued in the workplace. She led me to a new career path and gave me the confidence to pursue it. I would recommend Robyn to anyone uncertain of their future.”

Kimberly H.

“Robyn helped me find myself after a painful breakup. She has a calming influence and gives me the confidence I need to navigate life. Without Robyn, I'm not sure where I would be.”


“I had a tremendous experience with Robyn. I was in a COVID rut and needed encouragement and direction both personally and professionally. Meeting with Robyn was like meeting with a dear friend but one that could help you reach your goals and keep you accountable without judgement. I have had many professional development opportunities in my career but the time I spent with Robyn was by far the best experience and I look forward to working with her again in the future.”


“Love working with Robyn. She cared about me as a client. ”

Sabrina E.

“I am so grateful to have discovered Robyn. She is kind and supportive and asks very insightful questions that help me understand more fully the obstacles and blocks I am working to overcome. She is my Wednesday lifeline.”

Sandra S.

“Robyn helped me find myself after a painful breakup. She has a calming influence and gives me the confidence I need to navigate life. Without Robyn, I'm not sure where I would be.”

Mike P