What Advise Would You Have Given Yourself 20 Years Ago?

Mar 27, 2021

(This blog post was first published on July 20th, 2020)

If you struggle to answer that question take heart. I have added a simple solution for you that utilizes cutting edge brain science to help you create a future vision of yourself that will reveal what is important to your own personal core values.

The art of dreaming and visualization of our futures allows us to tie our values into a vision of what we are willing to work to achieve. What if you could spend 10 minutes chatting with your future self to understand what you need to know to get you from you are to where they are?
All you need is 45 minutes to an hour and the ability to download my guide.It will be very beneficial for you to use the questions provided in the workbook for you to generate the maximum amount of benefit from the visualization exercise. Do not delay, order now to create a greater understanding of who you will become.

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